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Sociology can be described as study of social behavior. It employs diverse methods of investigation and significant analysis to form legitimate arguments about the social change and social disorder, improving the practical aspects of sociology is secondary. It is essential to develop the existing theoretical frameworks. Sociology is an immense area and it touches upon many other fields including social mobility, sexuality, social stratification, law and social class. Sociology has both quantitative and qualitative techniques to extend and estimate the knowledge related to the activities of the society.

Besides qualitative access towards sociology depends more on the observation communication with the participants and subjective accuracy. Sociology has its associations with history, anthropology, psychology, demography, physiology and architecture of the past and present world. It is a very flexible subject and it is allied to many aspects of life. Sociology tries to observe the laws leading human behavior in social contexts; it’s usually distinguished as a general science from special social science and governments which restrict themselves to a particular bundle of social facts or relations. It helps to seize not only our society and man though conjointly others, their motives, ambition, status, occupations, customs, establishments etc. in  a very huge industrial society, expertise is moderately restricted. The study of sociology helps in evolving an important approaching on the ample data of the society.

sociology assignment help

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